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Anar Mirzayev Nasib oglu was born on August 7 1980 in the city of Baku (Azerbaijan). Since the age of 13, he helped to work with objects and the real school of life is underway with Ilyshaev Azik Moiseevich. In 2002, he graduated with honors APU named after N. Tusi in the military department.

Business sphere:

2002-2004 Company "RAM servis MMC" - Assistant Director
2004-2006 Company "GEO Century" Baku - General Manager
2006-2007 Company "Nascar LTD" - Deputy Director
2007-2009 Company "S-Grand MMC" - Co-founder, CEO
2007-until today Company "BakuGrand MMC" - Founder, CEO
2009-2010 SOCAR "Azeriqaz" ASC - Programmer of the highest 15th degree. During the work raised and updated the entire IT system for which he received many awards and grateful letters from the State.
2010-2016 Company "Caspian Rent MMC" - Founder, CEO
2013-2015 Company "Bakucar MMC" - Co-founder, CEO
2014-until today "SUAN Butik" Sweden - Co-founder, CEO
2015-until today Company "Safari Service Group MMC" - Co-founder, CEO
2016-until today Company "Tur365.az MMC" - Co-founder, CEO
2016-until today ООО "AMPM Production" Moscow, Russia - Founder, CEO
2017-until today "NaNa Group" Germany - Co-founder, CEO


2004 - AlirService (Technology introduction, personnel training)
2005 - WMAuction (Global auctions)
2006 - Widrac (First World Car Rental Directory)
2006 - "Solar TR" Turkish - project for the introduction of alternative energy sources
2007 - GlobalRentCar (World Car Rental Directory, new version)
2008 - Bakugrand (Directory of sites and companies of Azerbaijan)
2008 - DDD.az (National Portal of Azerbaijan)
2009 - Bukmekerler (The first project about bookmaking)
2009 - Tapinti Burosu (The first online Lost and Found office in Azerbaijan - with the support of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan)
2010 - EVA.Az (Women's portal of Azerbaijan)
2011 - Welcome to Azerbaijan (Introduction of new technologies, consultations, promotion of tour projects to the worldwide network)
2013 - Postal Index AZ (Online project to search for indexes at the address in Azerbaijan, with the support of the Ministry of Communications)
2014 - Green World Azerbaijan (The project on recycling batteries in Azerbaijan)
2015 - Into the World (promotion of goods and services of Azerbaijan in trade networks)
2016 - Road for the young (promotion of young talents in the arts)
2017 - Rest time ;)
2018 - "GWG" Green World Global - Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Germany
2019 - "GWR" Green World Russia - 95 regions
2019 - "GWNE" Green World Near East - Afghanistan, Algeria, Bahrain, Cyprus, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Oman, Pakistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Yemen


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